Ellis Island 1892 Facts

Ellis island in New York City is famously known as the historical location for the processing of European immigrants into Manhattan. Ellis Island officially began processing many of these immigrants in 1892.

– January 1st, 1892 was officially the opening of Ellis Island.

– The newly constructed and operational 1892 Immigration station on Ellis Island was a three story building built of Georgia pine.

(Original Ellis Island Immigration Station – Circa 1896)

– On January 1st, 1892 a boat filled with Irish immigrants landed on the shores of Ellis Island. The first person to step off that boat was Annie Moore who was 15 years old. Being the 1st person to stand on the newly established U.S. Immigration zone, Annie Moore was presented with a Gold Coin that was worth approximately 10 dollars. A statue of her and her brothers now resides inside the Ellis Island Museum.

Annie Moore and Brothers(A Photograph Believed to be Annie Moore and Her Brothers – circa 1892)

Annie_Moore_Arrival (1st Ellis Island Immigration Document – Annie Moore arrival – circa 1892)

– On January 1st, 1892, 3 ships with European immigrants docked on the shores of Ellis Island

– 700 Immigrants were processed on the 1st day of opening

– 450,000 immigrants were processed on Ellis Island in 1892

– The original immigration station built in 1892 actually caught on fire and burnt to the ground in 1897. Between that time approximately 1.5 million immigrants had been processed through.

– The original 1892 Immigration Station on Ellis Island that had burnt down had no loss of life accounted for, but they did loose immigration records dating back to 1855.


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