Historical NYC Metropolitan Police Photographs and Illustrations

Take a few minutes to view and glance at the various historical photographs and illustrations we have in our collection that focus on the New York City Metropolitan police force. The content below ranges in publication date as well as format and subject matter. For example in our collection we have illustrations of standard issued NYC policeman uniforms, we also have photographs of policeman working on the streets. So it’s a very vast and unique collection that we’ve compiled. So take a few minutes and look around and If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!

New York City Police Patrol Wagon 35th Precinct (1887)

New York City Metropolitan Police Uniform (1871)

New York City Municipal Police Vignette Artwork (1873)

Vintage Photograph of The New York City Police Commissioners (1855 – 1865)

New York City Police Headquarters on Mulberry Street (1887)

Vintage Map of The New York City Police Precincts (1871)

Vintage Photograph of New York City Police Women (1918)

Vintage Illustration of the New York City Police Uniforms (1854)

Vintage Photograph of a Police Patrol Boat on the North River (1893)

New York City Policeman leading Elites through the Slums of The Five Points (1885)

Vintage New York City Metropolitan Police Parade Photograph (1893)

Vintage Photograph of Brooklyn Police taking Prisoners to Court (1887)

Vintage Photograph of a NYC Policeman Approaching a Drunk Citizen (1903)


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