Free Museums in NYC

This post is going to list the various art and history museums throughout New York City that can be attended completely for FREE. That’s right so if your planning a school trip or bringing your family for a a historical or cultural expirience, check out these wonderful museums. If you have any questions about these museums ask them below in the comments section.

1) Federal Hall National Memorial

One of the 1st points of origin for the creation of the United States government. Trace back USA’s roots and experience George Washington’s oath of office, the creation of the 1st Supreme Court, Congress and the executive branch. It is situated on Wall Street in lower Manhattan and is an official National Parks Site. The best part about this all is that attendance is completely FREE to the public.

2) National Museum of The American Indian

A Museum dedicated to the history of North American Natives situated right next to Battery Park in NYC. The museum has exhibits that focus on the historical heritage, traditional customs and contemporary life of Native Americans. The museum is again absolutely FREE to the public and perfect for individuals and groups interested in native American culture.

3) The New York Public Library

A library dedicated to numerous research collections that range from the humanities, social sciences and much more. Perfect location for anyone who is doing research and needs a quiet place to write. The Library is located in midtown Manhattan on 5th avenue and is completely for FREE and worthy of a visit.

4) The Socrates Sculpture Park

Located along the East River in Queens NY, the Socrates Sculpture Park is perfect for viewing outdoor modern art sculptures, picnicking and having breath-taking views of the New York City skyline. The park is FREE to the public and perfect for art enthusiasts.

5) The Harbor Defense Museum

A museum dedicated to providing insight into the historical naval defenses of the New York City area. The museum is renowned for being the only military museum in NYC and features exhibits that display historical artifacts that range from the American Revolution to WWII. The museum is absolutely FREE to the public and perfect for individuals or groups that love U.S. Naval history and or New York City history.


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