Ellis Island Photographs – YouTube Video

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share our newest Youtube upload which explores and examines various old photographs relative to Ellis Island history. If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to leave them below!

Ellis Island Historical Photography and Examination

In this post I just wanted to include some great photographs in our collection that Illustrate the nostalgia of Ellis Island and New York City history in general. We will not only list each photograph, but we will also describe and examine of the subject matter and how it relates to Ellis Island and New York City Immigrant history. Also all the images and links are clickable so if you wish to download the image feel free to do so. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave them below!

Ellis Island Boat Launch Station – 1913

An interesting photograph showing a boat launch station at Ellis Island. If we look closely one of the riverboats is labeled with a name that reads “W.M. Flectcher”. Obviously in the background of the photograph we see the main terminal building for arriving immigrants to Ellis Island.

Immigrants Arriving to Ellis Island – 1912

In this photograph we see several immigrants arriving to Ellis Island with suitcases and various packages. From what it looks like there are 2 immigration officers in between the arriving immigrants that are directly focused on the camera. A 3rd officer is to the right of them but seems to be more focused on the arriving people. In the background of the photograph you can see the various buildings that comprise Ellis Island .

Boarding Cutter Ship at Ellis Island

This photograph seems to be sporting the arrival of several smaller ships to Ellis Island. What I think is cool about this photograph is the American Flag that hangs on the back of the ship in the foreground. Notice anything different about that flag? Well it seems that it’s missing about 37 stars on it and contains only 13. The number 13 I believe is in direct accordance with the original 13 colonies of America. Anyways besides that you get to see a few buildings and structures that are on Ellis Island as well.

Ellis Island Immigrant Station – 1893

Oh Boy! I love this photograph as it gives us a nice collage of several aspects of Ellis Island. The middle photograph details the main immigration station on Ellis Island. Now you might ask yourself, “Well it looks different than the structure now?” That’s because it is different, the one presented in this photograph was destroyed by a raging fire in 1897. Unfortunately during the fire many of the records were lost for good. Other parts of the photograph show a detention center, a dock landing area, a dining hall and the house of a Surgeon.

Walking to the New York City Departure Boats – 1913

This photograph I think is very iconic in terms of the achievement of the American dream. The photograph above displays several immigrants walking towards the boats that will deliver them from Ellis Island directly to New York City. In the photograph we see the immigrants holding numerous packages and suitcases as they ascend to the boats. We can right off the bat tell that we’re near the docks because to the left of the photograph we can see a life preserver hanging on a wooden beam that reads “Ellis Island”. If we look towards the background and more specifically to the right we can see an Ellis Island immigration officer watching the crowd as it arrives to the boats.

Where is Ellis Island ? – YouTube Video

Where is Ellis Island Located in New York Harbor? Well we explore this in our newest YouTube upload. In the video we examine and explore various maps of New York City and directly find the location of Ellis Island and the locations that are nearby. Take a few minutes and check out our YouTube video and tell us what you think below by leaving a comment!

Ellis Island Historical Photography

Just wanted to share some historical photographs relating to Ellis Island. Below you will find various photographs displaying immigrants arriving to Ellis Island, the island itself, processing areas, and much more. Take a few minutes and experience the illustrious history of Ellis Island.

New Arrivals to Ellis Island (circa 1904)

The 1st Ellis Island Processing Building (circa 1896) – Burnt Down in 1897

Ellis Island Aerial Photograph (circa 1921)

Medical Eye Examination on Ellis Island (circa 1913)

Medical Officers of Ellis Island (1913)


Immigrants On Ellis Island (circa 1902)

Immigrant Hospital on Ellis Island (circa 1913)

Immigrants Landing on Ellis Island (circa 1900)

Lined Up Waiting for Medical Examination (1912)

Ellis Island Main Processing Room (circa 1912)

Ellis Island 1892 Facts

Ellis island in New York City is famously known as the historical location for the processing of European immigrants into Manhattan. Ellis Island officially began processing many of these immigrants in 1892.

– January 1st, 1892 was officially the opening of Ellis Island.

– The newly constructed and operational 1892 Immigration station on Ellis Island was a three story building built of Georgia pine.

(Original Ellis Island Immigration Station – Circa 1896)

– On January 1st, 1892 a boat filled with Irish immigrants landed on the shores of Ellis Island. The first person to step off that boat was Annie Moore who was 15 years old. Being the 1st person to stand on the newly established U.S. Immigration zone, Annie Moore was presented with a Gold Coin that was worth approximately 10 dollars. A statue of her and her brothers now resides inside the Ellis Island Museum.

Annie Moore and Brothers(A Photograph Believed to be Annie Moore and Her Brothers – circa 1892)

Annie_Moore_Arrival (1st Ellis Island Immigration Document – Annie Moore arrival – circa 1892)

– On January 1st, 1892, 3 ships with European immigrants docked on the shores of Ellis Island

– 700 Immigrants were processed on the 1st day of opening

– 450,000 immigrants were processed on Ellis Island in 1892

– The original immigration station built in 1892 actually caught on fire and burnt to the ground in 1897. Between that time approximately 1.5 million immigrants had been processed through.

– The original 1892 Immigration Station on Ellis Island that had burnt down had no loss of life accounted for, but they did loose immigration records dating back to 1855.