Greater New York City – The Story of Manhattan Audio Book Chapter

This is just a quick audio book chapter detailing the growth of the New York City metro area and the boroughs that surround it. It’s just under 2:00 minutes long and provides some good information on the infrastructure of NYC. Tell us what you think of it by leaving a comment below!


The British Occupation of NYC Audiobook – The Story of Manhattan

This is an audiobook recording of a chapter in “The Story of Manhattan” detailing various historical events about the British Occupation of New York City during the American Revolution. At the time the British had successfully pushed out George Washington and the continental army and had secured New York harbor as a means to replenish King Georges army. Check out the audio recording below to hear more!

The City Plan of Manhattan – Story of Manhattan Audiobook

The city of Manhattan was formed, structured and planned in specific ways. Whether it be for economical reasons or for strategic defensible locations, the city plan of Manhattan was purposeful. It was through these intentional plans that formed the foundation of how the city grew into what it is today. Check out the audiobook recording below for further details.

The Story of Manhattan Audiobook – The Dutch Traders

This is an audio recording of a vintage book titled “The Story of Manhattan”. The recording displayed on this page covers the historical events involving the dutch traders on Manhattan Island. Take a listen to this audiobook chapter and tell us what you think by commenting below!